What Is Coastal Kefir About?

Coastal Kefir is about…


  • Community

  • Health 

  • Wellness

  • Sustainability 

  • Gut Health 

  • Organic

  • Non-Gmo

  • Reforestation 

  • Fermentation 

  • Food As Medicine 

  • Plant Based Alternatives 

  • Environmental Awareness 

Coastal Kefir was inspired on Maui Hawaii in 2011. Coastal Kefir previously known as Maui Coconut Kefir combines the nutritionally dense coconut with traditional fermentation methods bringing you plant based coconut kefir that meets most dietary restrictions. Coastal Kefir is made with 9 live strains of probiotics and each unit contains billions of live probiotics, several varieties which are not found in kombucha or traditional yogurts. We offer USDA Organic certified coconut kefir in three distinct varieties, for more information please visit our featured products page for details about each variety and flavor of Coastal Kefir Coconut Kefir. 


Coastal Kefir is comprised of owner Elijah Manahan and administrative & marketing director Caylie O'Sullivan. Prior to relocation to Portland Oregon Chef Elijah manged every aspect of his coconut kefir creation, including caring for and harvesting the coconuts, creating the coconut kefir and making sure it made it safely to the residence of Maui. Elijah managed all of his orchard and wholesale accounts. As the company continued to grow and he was inspired by the notion of expanding the company and stepping into a larger market he knew he would need additional support. Relocation entailed much more then packing up and beginning production, as Elijah knew deep in his heart he would only do so if he could provide the community with the same quality and integrity he offered during his 9 years on Maui. To tackle the many projects that laid ahead Elijah sought the addition support of  Caylie O'Sullivan, Coastal Kefir's administrative & marketing director. Together the two rebranded Maui Coconut Kefir to the company you know as Coastal Kefir. Coastal Kefir is the same great recipes Chef Elijah has been perfecting since 2011, with a new name and a USDA Organic certification. Since establishing in 2011 Elijah's business model has always been to use fresh locally harvested coconuts. Eliajh harvested and tended to the orchards in Maui, Hawaii and had to decide how to navigate being in an climate where he would  no longer able to do so. As Elijah and Caylie evaluated the idea of opening up distribution in Portland Oregon they inquired into whether they would be able to find a high quality source of coconut that shared the company's  values and commitment to the environment and the care of the coconut trees that produce this incredible nourishment. As they inquired they also sought out a USDA Organic Certified Coconut supplier, knowing if Elijah were no longer working directly with the trees there was no other way of knowing the coconuts were being cared for in a non toxic manor. We are very proud and honored to say we are working directly with a company that shares Coastal Kefir's values and quality. They aim to achieve environmental, economic, and community sustainability are committed to organic farming practices, only harvesting at the appropriate time to support healthy trees and working with smallholder farmers who manage organic, biodiverse farms. Upon relocation the two also made a commitment to launch Coastal Kefir with a USDA Organic certification, allowing individuals the peace of mind that all of their Coastal Kefir Coconut Kefir is pure and unadulterated with environmental toxins. Coastal Kefir is very focused on health, wellness, community, and education. Elijah and Caylie can be found every Saturday at local farmers markets connecting with the community. The two enjoy the opportunity to engage with those who are curious of coconut kefirs many health benefits. Thank you for your interest in our team and taking time to learn more about who we are!!

We hope you Enjoy Coastal Coconut Kefir!! 

Mahalo Nui Loa


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