Aloha From Chef Elijah

Chef Elijah is the owner and creator of the original creation Maui Coconut Kefir and is now here to share his latest project Coastal Kefir with you. Elijah has been a chef for 22 years, and has mastered many cuisines. His love for the culinary arts inspired him to dive into the study of nutrition and medicinal foods. As he studied nutrition, health and wellness he discovered superfoods and fermentation. Soon after discovering the nutritional density and vitality of coconut he was inspired to create probiotic rich coconut kefir. In 2011 Chef Elijah began working with the fermentation of coconut, mastered perfect coconut kefir fermentations and was inspired to launch Maui Coconut Kefir. During the 9 years on Maui Chef Elijah owned and operated Maui Coconut Kefir he developed a deep love and appreciation for the coconut. The coconut tree is a true representation of mana, the power and vitality it holds and gives so generously has the ability to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. The coconut fruit ripeness in stages most of which can be utilized as nourishment. In the fruits final stage it becomes a sprout which self roots so new life can begin. As Maui Coconut Kefir began to grow and the need for coconut increased Chef Elijah made the decision to cultivate his connection to the coconut on a deeper level. At this time he began working directly with the management,  care and harvesting of coconuts on Maui. In doing so his love for the coconut continued to grow as he observed how gracefully it cared for itself and the community. During his many days in the coconut trees he would contemplate its many attributes while developing a deep connection with each and everyone of the mana filled trees he tended to. Elijah holds a deep and profound desire to give back to the Hawaiian Islands in the form of a coconut reforestation project. He hopes to utilize Coastal Kefirs success as a means to do so. Leaving Hawaii after 16 amazing years to further the growth and expansion of Maui Coconut Kefir was one of the most difficult decisions he has ever had to make, however he knew deep in his heart it was the right one. Maui needs more coconuts, for the longevity of the sustainability of the Island and the community it supports. Over the years Elijah has brainstormed, planned and met with other like minded individuals who also hold a vision of replanting the Island. Each and every time this venture is explored the fact that additional funding is needed to execute such a grand vision lead him to the idea of lowering his immediate impact on the Hawaiian Islands while also sharing his Coconut Kefir creation with a much larger demographic. This was the spark that led Elijah to rethink how Coconut Kefir could give back to the Island and most importantly give back to the coconut. Chef Elijah recently relocated to Portland Oregon to offer the community of the Northwest the same nutritionally dense coconut kefir creation, with a new name and USDA Organic Certification. Coastal Kefir is the same great recipes made with coconuts that are sustainably harvested, with the health of the trees in mind. Chef Elijah hopes that one day Coastal Kefir will bridge the gap and create the ability to reforest Maui with Coconuts while providing nourishment to many. Chef Elijah is honored to offer Coastal Kefir to the community in the Pacific Northwest and truly hopes you enjoy the many benefits the coconut has to offer. Thank you for your aloha and support in creating a brighter future through health, wellness and nourishment. 


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