Coastal Kefir combines the nutritionally dense coconut with traditional fermentation methods bringing you plant based coconut kefir that meets most dietary restrictions. Coastal Kefir is made with 9 live strains of traditional kefir probiotics, each item contains billions of live probiotics to help support a healthy microbiome. Coastal Kefir is focused on the sustainability and the vitality of the coconut. We originated in Maui Hawaii in 2011, working directly with the care of the trees, harvesting and manufacturing. Coastal Kefir now works directly with a coconut company committed to organic farming practices, only harvesting at the appropriate time to support healthy trees and working with smallholder farmers who manage organic biodiverse farms. We are focused on offering plant based coconut kefir due to the amazing nutrition it provides and its sustainability as a plant based alternative. Coastal Kefir is USDA Organic certified, non-gmo coconut kefir. Coastal Kefir's mission is to offer residents of the Pacific Northwest a line of delicious, nutrient dense, probiotic rich, coconut kefir products. We are committed to providing the service, quality and value that our community deserves. We have a strong commitment to providing the community the highest quality, pure ingredients. We pride ourselves on working with ethically driven companies, and remaining environmentally aware. 

  Coastal Kefir is...

  • Delicious

  • Locally Produced

  • Artisan Crafted

  • Organic

  • Non-GMO

  • Nutritious 

  • Live

  • Probiotic Rich 

  • Plant Based

  • Minimally Processed

  • Family Owned

  • Environmentally Aware


Thank you for supporting Coastal Kefir 


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