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Coastal Kefir Delivered to your doorstep

Coastal Kefir is pleased to announce we have a direct to consumer shipping model in the works. We are currently building our online store to allow you to order coconut kefir directly to your doorstep. We know many of you have been waiting a very long time for this option. Elijah has always wanted to create a direct to consumer model, though knew he did not want to participate in the program if it meant shipping in styrofoam. Over the years as many of you inquired on how to order he contemplated the options. As more and more companies are seeing the effects that styrofoam is having on our planet, the need for earth friendly packaging has increased and is now more readily available. Coastal Kefir is happy to say we will be shipping in earth friendly packaging to bring you the products you desire while remaining aware of our environmental impact. Shipping in styrofoam is no longer an option as we are aware of the detrimental long term impact it has on our animals and ecosystem. Working with like minded companies to support the health of our home is of the utmost importance. Coastal Kefir is dedicated to environmental awareness and doing our part to protect this planet for future generations. Thank you for supporting us as we do so. It won't be long until you are able to select from the wide variety of coconut kefir we offer and have it ordered conveniently to your home. If you are interested in this option please keep an eye out for future posts as we are not far from launching our online store.

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