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Coconut Kefir Creation Facility

Coastal Kefir has so many new and exciting things unfolding as we speak. We packed up Maui Coconut Kefir and made the journey across the Pacific Ocean to our new home, Portland Oregon. We are very excited to embark on this new endeavor. As Maui Coconut Kefir assumes a new name there is no where we would rather work on re-branding then Oregon. Portland is absolutely gorgeous, we arrived during summer to the warm sunny days and enjoyed many of them on the lake. As summer is coming to an end we are very excited to announce we received the news, our coconut kefir production facility is ready for us to move in. We are so thrilled to say we found the perfect facility just outside of the city at the base of Mt. Hood nestled in the forest. It is everything we dreamed up and more, an immaculate kitchen and the serene environment we hoped to cultivate your coconut kefir in. Oh did we mention it's also equipped with a prefect fermentation room, that has the ability to produce and incredible amount of coconut kefir. This was the first of many milestones we have set out to achieve to bring Coastal Kefir to the Pacific Northwest. Now to continue putting all of the pieces together to get Coastal Kefir in your hands. Aloha

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