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Let the Application Process Begin

Now that we are on our way to joining the Oregon farmers market community it’s time to express our vendor interest to the many delightful health food markets here in Oregon. With the production facility we are so fortunate to have found we have the ability to produce an incredible amount of coconut kefir and so the application process begins. We knew moving to Oregon that we hoped to one day be a well recognized household name as we once were on Maui and what better way to do so then adorn the shelves of the health foods stores you know and trust. As we have been settling into the city while simultaneously working on launching Coastal Kefir we have had some time to get to know many health food stores on a personal level. When the conversation as to where to apply was broached, the immediate response was, well they each have soo much to offer. Just as on Maui where the many health food stores we worked with were all amazing each had something unique to offer. So it was easily agreed upon that we would be honored to have Coastal Kefir grace the shelves of Natural Grocers, New Seasons, Wholefoods, in addition to the local Co-Ops we wish to work with. At this moment I realized how much work I had in my immediate future. One by one we submitted vendor interest applications to each of the above locations, as well as submitting the requested samples to New Seasons & Natural Grocers.We now await a response, hoping we share a mutual interest in working together to provide you with probiotic rich coconut kefir. Stay tuned for updates in regards to Coastal Kefirs future locations!!

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