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Oh the Many Farmers Markets

Now that we are official with our USDA Organic certification the fun begins, where to express vendor interest?! If you have ever been to Oregon you are likely familiar with the amazing farmers markets held each year. Many of the markets run spring through fall with only a handful of year round options. We thought to ourselves what would it be like to only participate in farmers markets for a portion of the year? At first glance that option felt alluring, however we ultimately realized how quickly we would miss weekly connection directly with the community. Maui Coconut Kefir was built on the foundation of connection with the community, conversations and opportunity for engagement. In the time we have been away from the farmers market re-branding and tackling milestones, we have already developed a sense of what life is like without weekly markets. That being said we are soo ready to be back at the market engaging with like minded individuals! The only question is how exactly to decide where to do so? A large part of why we chose Oregon when deciding exactly where to relocate was the impressive devotion to farmers markets the state has. With over 50 Markets to choose from this will be tricky!! After reviewing the many options we narrowed it down to a select few, not fully knowing which would be the best fit. What we did know is that we would like to participate in a market that holds similar values as the Maui Upcountry farmers Market we had participated in for the past 9 years and we wanted to enjoy a market that was held in a park like setting. If you are familiar with Oregon you can imagine that did not narrow it down much. As we looked over the lengthy list of options we had to find another way. The first thing that came to mind was which farmers markets were mentioned by Maui visitors that resided in Northwest. Over the years we have had soo many amazing interactions with intrigued Oregon residents as to where they could find our products outside of Maui. Their interest clearly stayed with us as it was one of the first places that came to mind when the idea of relocation arose. If such an impact was made by all of the casual conversations over the years that we crossed an ocean to join their community why not base our decision in regards to which of the amazing farmers markets in the area to join on the same casual conversations. So we sat down and bounced the memories back and forth of who said what and when about where, we were amazed by how much wonderful feedback we were able to recall. The two Oregon markets we heard spoke about most were Portland Farmers Market and Lake Oswego Farmers Market, so why not start there!! As we looked into each of these markets they held the values we desired while also being held in incredibly beautiful locations. So the application process began, each market asking well thought out questions to get to know us better. We are crossing our fingers that they feel Coastal Kefir will be a wonderful fit for the community they each cater to. We now wait patiently to hear back from Portland Farmers Market & Lake Oswego Farmers Market. We hope to see you there this spring!!

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