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From the moment we made the decision to take the leap from Maui to Oregon the inevitable question was, what about the coconuts!? Elijah knew he would only continue creating his coconut kefir if he could offer the same high quality coconut he has always provided. The question arose how do we guarantee quality and and unadulterated purity when no longer caring for and managing the trees? There are many factors that were addressed as Maui Coconut Kefir shifted into Coastal Kefir rooting from this very question. We knew that it would only be an option to make the transition if Coastal Kefir could source a USDA Organic coconut supplier that also held our company values and are dedicated to farming without the use of pesticides or fertilizer. In addition we would only work with a company that puts the health of the coconut trees and farmers in the forefront. Once we were able to do so the question of how does the community know that they can trust the quality and integrity of Coastal Kefir. As we are no longer on Maui where the community has had personal interaction and connection with Elijah over the years. Unlike Maui where the community has grown to love and trust the quality and integrity of the coconut kefir they hold so dear, we are in a whole new market where few recognize our name. We soon realized the best way to offer that ease and peace of mind would be to provide them with the same seal of approval we sought out, the USDA Organic a symbol. At that moment we made the commitment to launch Coastal Kefir with an organic certification from the USDA and who better to work with in doing so then Oregon Tilth. Oregon Tilth is a well recognized symbol of quality and integrity in its own, as well as being a local company in our new home state. We feel very pleased with our decision to obtain our certification through Oregon Tilth as they have been a joy to work with. Our trust in what the USDA Organic symbol represents has grown exponentially as we moved through this process. We now know the process and procedures of what it truly takes to be certified. We were thoroughly impressed with their diligence in learning our products, procedures, ingredients and sourcing as they took an in depth look into our company to verify we in fact meet their requirements. I cannot imagine moving through this process without the guidance of Oregon Tilth. They happily assisted me with the infinite questions that arose as we moved through our application. Once they approved our application it was on to the facility inspection where they addressed things in our supply chain that I a Virgo have never even considered. Our inspector addressed all the ins and outs of our ingredients, facility, supply chain and production process. At the end of the day Elijah and I looked at each other in amazement and knew we had been placing an immense amount of trust in the right people. We are happy to say we passed our inspection with flying colors, Coastal Kefir is now Certified USDA Organic By Oregon Tilth!!! Now on to the next steps in getting Coastal Kefir on the shelves and available to you!

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