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Portland Farmers Market

Coastal Kefir is feeling very optimistic, though we are unable to become members of the Portland Farmers Market weekly events we did receive follow up from them expressing further interest in our participation. You may be thinking that makes little to no sense, that is unless you are familiar with their vendor guidelines. Going into the application process we knew that we may or may not be accepted, as they like Maui have a firm policy that a minimum of 25% of products be locally sourced. This was a policy that was previously easily achieved living on a tropical Island where Elijah drove to the jungle and shimmied up coconut trees to harvest prior to processing. Since relocation for the first time ever this requirement became a hurdle. As everyone reading this is aware there are no jungles to drive to or coconut trees to climb here in Oregon. Well luckily for us it seems they took that into consideration and are interested in sampling our coconut kefir, which is great news!! The diligence we put into sourcing a coconut company that holds similar values, of community, organic farming practices, and integrity, alongside the other like minded companies we work with may be our saving grace. Even if they fall in love with our coconut kefir we do not fit into their guideline to vend each week. However due to the fact we are unable to procure coconuts in the Pacific Northwest they are willing to consider us and have asked us to provide samples of Coastal Kefir for the upcoming jury panel. We are ecstatic, not only did they express interest we love the way they move through their sampling process. It looks a little something like this, we submit the samples and they have 10+ jury members who each have individual input on if they feel we will be a good fit. In addition there are around 10 non official jurors who can sample and give feedback as community members, yet their input is encouraged and considered by the jurors. What a fascinating process and such a great way to choose which of the many applicants they feel will be a perfect fit for the Portland farmers market! We are happy to say they received our samples and the jury process begins tomorrow. If we are accepted we will have the opportunity to vend at each of their markets once per month. Oh and did I mention they operate year round! What a wonderful opportunity to meet many new faces in the Portland community while offering Coastal Kefir. Keeping our fingers crossed as we await the final word towards the end of February!!

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