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Tasting Interview At Luscher Farm

The excitement is endless on this endeavor, on Monday we received a call from the Lake Oswego Farmers Market expressing their interest in Coastal Kefir. We were invited to a tasting interview which in itself sounds wonderful. A sit down to sample and learn more about who we are. To do so we were invited to their adorable farm house office located at Luscher Farm. As we arrived we immediately noticed the beauty and gardens which adorned Luscher Farm. Upon entering we were greeted by members of the Lake Oswego Farmers Market who accompanied us to join them in the farmhouse dining room to get acquainted. Prior to our interview we were already convinced that this market would be a wonderful fit for Coastal Kefir. Oh and were we right we could not be happier we followed the guidance of Oregon residence to lead us to the perfect market! As we sat down we were met with such warmth and kindness from each of the three lovely women hosting the interview. They shared with us the charm of the Lake Oswego Farmers Market, as well informing us the farmers market sits with a view of the city’s breathtaking lake. We enjoyed learning that the the Farmers Market location was built with the intention of hosting the market, what a great idea!! Each of the three women took time to get to know us and were intrigued as we spoke. As we shared our background and company values they sipped on our Coconut Kefir Probiotic Soda. They were genuinely interested and each of the three incredibly engaged as we spoke of Coastal Kefir. As the interview continued there was an essence of comradery, in each passing comment and moments of laughter Elijah and I knew that this was the perfect fit. The longer we spoke the more apparent our shared values became. They way each of their eyes lit up as they spoke of the farmers market, youth programs, and community. We felt at home during an interview, how often does that happen!? As we continued to chat they had an opportunity to also taste the Coconut Milk Kefir & Coconut Kefir Crème. If you have ever experienced the magic Elijah makes in the kitchen you know the kefir really speaks for itself. We truly hope they enjoyed Elijah’s coconut kefir creations, learning more about Coastal Kefir and the benefits it provides. We now truly know that the Lake Oswego Farmers market is a community that we wish to join. What a wonderful day, and a lovely experience. We are feeling incredibly optimistic that they enjoyed our connection and what Coastal Kefir has to offer to their community members. Please keep us in your thoughts as we await their decision. Keeping our fingers crossed they like us as much as we like them!!

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